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21 Best Coffee K-Cups: Tasted and Rated

When it comes to K-Cups, there are A LOT of options. In fact, you might be overwhelmed when you visit Amazon or your local grocery store and see dozens of brands and hundreds of flavors. Today I am highlighting over a dozen of the best and most popular K-Cups on the market. We will look at a variety of brands and flavors to make sure to capture every coffee lovers’ favorite taste and roast.

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Best Coffee K-Cups

Before we dive into the best K-Cups, we are going to take a peek at why K-Cups are so popular in the first place. Keurig invented its single-serve pods in 1993. John Sylvan, the inventor of K-Cups, worked with a simple concept: make a single cup of coffee at once. Thus the small plastic cups were born, and they took the world by storm. This generally unknown company became extremely notable almost overnight. It wasn’t long before companies like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, and more got involved with their single-serve cups. 

Now, most Americans have a Keurig, or similar machine, in their home, and there are countless amount of K-Cups available.

These single-serve cups are truly the ideal product for freshness. The grounds are preserved up until their use, which means a fresh cup of coffee every time!

1. Peet’s Coffee Medium Roast: Cafe Domingo

Peet’s Coffee is a fairly popular K-Cup brand and is widely loved among coffee lovers. Check out its flavors, roast, and why it has become one of the top-selling K-Cup brands below. 

Flavors: Nutty, and Broad-bodied

Roast: Medium Roast

Why It is Popular: 

  • Strong: With this coffee, Peets has managed to perfectly balance a strong and rich taste, without tasting burnt or harsh. 
  • Affordability: Another reason why I love Peets coffee is because it is so affordable. Depending on where you purchase these pods, you can get an individual cup for about 50 cents-$1. 
  • Fresh: Another great quality of Peets is that they care about fresh beans. Most often, Peets will roast their coffee overnight and then ship it out the next day, so that you are guaranteed to have the freshest cup of coffee possible. 
  • Beginner Friendly: Another reason why I love Peets is because they are beginner-friendly. When it comes to beginners, I typically recommend a light roast. However, this is a perfect medium roast to start with as it isn’t too bold or bitter, but it still has a stronger coffee taste.

2. Starbucks K-Cup Medium and Dark Roast Variety Pack

Starbucks is of course one of the most popular coffee shops in America. With almost 20,000 stores in the US alone, it is no wonder that they moved into the K-Cup industry. Now they are one of the most popular K-Cup brands on the market. 

Flavors: Variety of Flavors

Roast: Medium and Dark Roast

Why It is Popular:

  • More Speciality Flavors: Starbucks overall offers a lot of specialty flavors than the average K-Cup. This pack in particular offers their Cafe Verona, Pike Place Roast, Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Sumatra, and their House blend. These are 6 of their most popular blends on the market. 
  • Bold Flavors: Since this is a variety pack of medium and dark roasts, they contain bolder flavors than a light roast would offer. Many of these medium roasts have a deliciously smooth flavor, and the dark roasts have a bold, robust flavor. 
  • Recyclable Cups: Starbucks is also really passionate about creating recyclable cups for consumers. They suggest turning the coffee grounds into compost and then recycling the cups! 

3. The Original Donut Shop K-Cups

The Donut Shop K-Cups are specifically designed for Keurig coffee makers, so you are guaranteed to extract every last drop of flavor out of these K-Cups!

Flavors: Full-bodied, bold, flavorful

Roast: Medium Roast

Why It is Popular:

  • Simple: If you like simple coffee, this is the K-Cup for you. There are no frills, sugary flavors, or anything extra. This flavor is full-bodied and very flavorful. It has an authentic coffee flavor that tastes fresh.
  • Large Quantity: While some K-Cups offer a small number of pods in one package, most of The Donut Shop’s quantities are large. You can get 48, 72, or even 96 counts of pods at a time! You won’t find yourself having to constantly buy more K-Cups with The Donut Shop!
  • Pairs well with Breakfast: This brand is called The Donut Shop for a reason. It pairs amazingly with a donut in the morning or any breakfast. You will get the classic donut and a cup of coffee vibe with these K-Cups. 

4. McCafe Premium Roast K-Cup

When you hear the word McDonald’s, you might not think that a high-quality K-Cup is in the same sentence. However, McCafe’s K-Cup took the world by storm when they released their K-Cup line. 

Flavors: Smooth, balanced flavor

Roast: Medium Roast

Why it is Popular:

  • Affordable: One of the reasons why I love this premium roast is that it is so affordable, which is great if you were looking for a cheaper, and still high-quality coffee.
  • Made from Pure Arabica Beans: Arabica beans are the best beans for a sweeter, less bitter bean. McCafe K-cups is made with 100% pure Arabica beans, which means you are getting a high quality coffee with every cup.
  • Free of Allergens: If you have struggled with any type of allergy tied to coffee, try this roast. These pods are not made with any of the 8 major allergens, so it is perfect if your body is a little coffee-sensitive.

5. The Crazy Cup Coffee Variety Sampler

This sampler pack is perfect for all of my coffee experimenters out there. Get ready to experience a little bit of everything.

Flavors: Variety

Roast: Variety

Why it is Popular:

  • Perfect for Beginners and Experts: One of the reasons why I love this K-Cup pack is because it is perfect for beginner and expert coffee drinkers.

This pack offers 40 unique K-Cups, so if you are a beginner, this is the perfect pack to help you narrow down your preferences.

If you are a coffee expert, you will have so much fun experimenting with this pack, and you will definitely find a new favorite pod to add to your shopping list!

  • Great Gift: This sampler pack also makes a fantastic gift for a coffee lover in your life. They will love the chance to sample so many different roasts and flavors!
  • Affordable: Another reason why I love this sampler pack is because it is extremely affordable. It includes several celebrity brand-name coffee samples, including Cake Boss, Skinny Girl, Harney & Sons, Guy Fieri, and more! So, you get to taste several more expensive K-Cups for a fraction of the price! 

6. Maxwell House Blend 

Maxwell has been roasting coffee in the US since 1892. It’s no wonder that they are so popular! This classic house blend is the perfect fit for a plain cup of coffee.

Flavors: Smooth and lively

Roast: Medium

Why it is Popular: 

  • Simple Flavor: One of the reasons why Maxwell is so popular is because, like The Donut Shop, this blend is simple. There are no frills, just a smooth cup of coffee. It has what some customers call the “signature Maxwell flavor” so this is especially perfect for any fans of Maxwell coffee, and those who want to discover the Maxwell flavor!
  • Good to the Last Drop: While this is Maxwell’s tagline, many customers love that not a single drop of this K-Cup is wasted, and it tastes just as good from the first drop to the last! 
  • Large Quantity: This is another brand that boasts large quantities of K-Cups for a cheap price. The standard Maxwell pack comes with 84 pods, which will keep you stocked up for a while! 

7. Folgers Hazelnut Cream Coffee

We have looked at several different “simple coffee” K-Cups, but flavored coffee lovers rejoice! Check out why this pack of K-Cups is one of my favorites to capture a yummy hazelnut and vanilla flavor. 

Flavors: Buttery, nutty, creamy

Roast: Light

Why it is Popular:

  • Soothing Flavor: One of the reasons why this pack of Folgers is so popular is because of its smooth and nutty flavor.

So if you were getting a little bored of all of the simple coffee options above, this K-Cup will definitely add a little flavor to your coffee cabinet.

The hazelnut cream is a perfect way to start your morning or even give you a little afternoon pick-me-up.

  • New Orleans Roasted: Another reason why I love this pack is that the beans are roasted in the US, right in New Orleans! 
  • Amazing Aroma: If you ever wanted your house to smell like fresh baked cookies in the morning without even opening the oven, this coffee is a great alternative. The strong, but not overpowering, the vanilla smell will warm up your entire house in goodness. 

8. Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend

Caribou Coffee was a Minnesota favorite that quickly became a popular brand all across the United States. They have several different K-Cups that are a big hit, but the Caribou Blend has to be my favorite! 

Flavors: Sweet, spicy, and berry notes

Roast: Medium

Why it is Popular

  • Strong Notes: One reason why I love this flavor of Caribou Coffee is that it is not just plain coffee, but it also isn’t flavored coffee. It is the perfect blend of natural coffee, with notes of sweetness and a hint of spice.

When you drink a cup of this blend, you will taste the bittersweet cocoa and delicious cedar finish! This coffee is perfect if you love earthy tones!

  • Environmentally Friendly: Another reason why I love Caribou Coffee, in general, is because they are extremely environmentally friendly.

Not only are their K-Cups 100% recyclable, they are also rainforest alliance certified. This means that the coffee they are growing is not harming our precious rainforests! 

9. Green Mountain Breakfast Blend

Light Roast lovers rejoice! If you have been waiting for a light roast, look no further! Green Mountain offers a delicious light roast in the form of their breakfast blend! 

Flavors: Clean, sweet, nutty

Roast: Light

Why it is Popular: 

  • Perfect for Beginners: I always recommend a light roast for beginners, as it is the least bitter of the three. I love the Green Mountain Breakfast blend especially because it does not have a strong taste. If you are not a fan of the coffee taste, this blend is the perfect place to start!
  • Arabica Beans: Like the McCafe blend, Green Mountain also uses 100% Arabica beans. So you are getting a sweeter, less bitter cup of coffee with these delicious beans! 
  • 100% Responsibly Sourced: Green Mountain coffee is also 100% responsibility sourced. This means everyone and everything involved in the coffee process, from bean to pod, is treated fair and in accordance with their guidelines! 

10. Starbucks Medium Pike Place Roast

This particular Starbucks roast was included in the variety pack above. But, since it is a fan favorite, I had to feature it on its own as well! 

Flavors: Smooth, chocolatey, nutty

Roast: Medium

Why it is Popular:

  • Perfect Blend of Flavors: The #1 reason why this roast is so popular is because of its unique taste.

Starbucks has figured out how to craft a delicious blend of coffee, hints of chocolate, and a dash of toasted nuts. Together, the flavor is AMAZING!

  • Make it Your Own: Some coffees do not taste good when you add additional flavors, but Starbucks encourages you to use them with this roast. Add milk, syrups, or cream to personalize this blend and truly make it your own, without compromising the original flavor! 
  • Ethically Sourced: Like Green Mountain, Starbucks ensures that its beans are ethically grown and responsibly traded! Plus, Starbucks grows beans in more than 30 countries worldwide! 

11. Dunkin’ Original Blend

If Starbucks is not your cup of tea (or should we say coffee?) Dunkin’ made sure to have their fans covered! Their original blend has been a big hit since its release! 

Flavor: Rich and smooth

Roast: Medium

Why it is Popular:

  • Similar to Stores: One of the reasons why people are obsessed with this K-Cup is because the taste is so similar to the store.

If you are a huge fan of your coffee and donut from Dunkin’ Donuts, then you will not be disappointed when you purchase these pods.

They taste so similar to getting it in house that the taste is uncanny!

  • Bold Taste: Even though this is a medium roast, it definitely sits on the border of medium and dark.

It has a very full-bodied and bold taste. This is perfect if you are looking to dip your toe in a dark roast, but aren’t ready to commit just yet. 

12.Krispy Kreme Classic Medium Roast

It may seem risky to seat Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme’s right next to each other on the list, but they are both so good, I had to feature them!

While you don’t get delicious Krispy Kreme donuts with these pods, you do get a yummy cup of coffee!

Flavor: Sweet, Balanced, Fruity Notes

Roast: Medium

Why it is Popular:

  • Fruity Notes: Krispy Kreme’s is known for having good coffee, but I love that this transferred into the K-Cup game as well. This blend in particular has delicious fruity notes, which sweeten every cup and balance the bitterness of the coffee flavor.
  • Good for Beginners: This is another good K-Cup to try if you are ready to move into the medium roast leagues. With those fruity notes mentioned above, this medium roast is a bit sweeter than normal medium roasts. This makes for the perfect transition to medium roasts!
  • Donut Shop Taste: When you drink this coffee, you will feel like you are drinking a cup straight from the store. Like Dunkin’ coffee, these pods are very authentic to the in-store experience. 

13. Newman’s Own Organic Newman’s Special Blend

Newman’s Own is an amazing and organic K-Cup brand. While they are newer on the scene, they have already become extremely popular for their amazing values and rich flavors. 

Flavors: Rich and robust

Roast: Medium and Dark 

Why it is Popular:

  • Organic: As I mentioned above, Newman’s Own is organic, and they are one of the most affordable organic K-Cup brands that you can find. All of their coffee is Fair Trade and the brand is committed to helping the lives of their farmers!
  • Accommodates Cream and Sugar: While this is a medium roast, it has a darker flavor to it. But, don’t fear! This blend perfectly accommodates milk, sugar, and/or cream without any sacrifice to the rich flavor. 
  • Profits go to Charity: When you purchase these pods, it is a purchase you can feel good about. Newman’s Own dedicates 100% of its proceeds to charity. They have been doing this since 1982. 

14. Folgers Colombian Roast

While I already highlighted Folger’s delicious Hazelnut Cream coffee, I couldn’t pass up highlighting one of their most well-loved blends: the Colombian Roast! Let’s dive right into why this blend is so popular. 

Flavors: Rich and lively
Roast: Medium

Why it is Popular:

  • Authentic: These pods are 100% Arabica beans and 100% Colombian coffee, so you know you are getting an authentic Colombian cup of coffee. Beans grown in Colombia are known for their light and flowery taste, and many consumers say that it is very easy to drink.
  • High Quality: One reason why I love this roast is because it is high-quality, down to the very last drop. The flavors in this blend are very rich, and they taste extremely fresh. While Folgers K-Cups tend to be a little more expensive, the quality is definitely worth a couple of extra dollars! 
  • Recyclable: As with many K-Cups, Folgers makes sure that their K-Cups are 100% recyclable. 

15. Kitu Super Coffee 

You might not have heard of Kitu coffee. It is not as popular of a brand, but once you learn about everything this coffee has to offer, you will definitely want to add it to your cart. Plus, it is one of our first dark roasts on this list! 

Flavors: Bold and Smooth

Roast: Dark 

Why it is Popular:

  • SUPER Healthy: The word “super” is in the title of these K-Cups for a reason. It is literally called super coffee because of the immense amount of vitamins and antioxidants within every pod. Each pod contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, and L-Theanine. All of these vitamins help with concentration and focus, which are two amazing benefits to get you through the day! Not only that, this dark roast is rich in its bold flavor! 
  • 2X Caffeine: Each pod also contains twice as much caffeine as the average pod. So, if you need an energy boost, along with your focus and concentration boost, add these pods to your cart immediately! 

16. Green Mountain Island Coconut

Get ready to be transported to paradise with this delicious blend. If you are looking for a tropical light roast, this is the perfect fit for you! 

Flavors: Coconut and tropical
Roast: Light

Why it is Popular:

  • Amazing Flavors: It is no surprise that these K-Cups are so popular because of their flavor. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like they are sitting on a tropical beach every day they sip their morning coffee? The coconut in this cup is not overpowering, nor does it taste artificial, as some coconut-flavored products do. It is a strong yet subtle, and extremely delicious addition to your cup of coffee!
  • Perfect for Beginners: This is not just perfect for beginners because it is a light roast. It is also a perfect fit if you are just starting your coffee journey because it is sweet, and has other strong flavors besides coffee. If you like pina Coladas or just the taste of coconut in general, this is a great place to start if you are a beginner. 

17.Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll Blend

Cinnamon roll in a cup anyone? While I will talk about this more below, I can’t start off by highlighting this delicious blend without mentioning how much it tastes like the classic dessert! Check out why it is so popular below. 

Flavors: Cinnamon and sweet

Roast: Light

Why it is Popular:

  • Dessert Coffee: Have you ever heard of dessert coffee before? If you haven’t this blend is the perfect introduction. Instead of eating a dessert, dessert coffee combines a delicious dessert and savory cup of coffee in one. Cinnabon does an amazing job at this with their Cinnamon Roll Blend. It is sweet, without being overpowering, and you still get a hint of that coffee taste.
  • Light: Not only is this coffee a light roast, but it also feels light when you drink it. You might imagine a dessert coffee feeling overpowering with sugar, but Cinnabon has found a good balance between a sweet and still light drink.

18. Death Wish Dark Roast

If you are a dark roast lover and haven’t been impressed with all of these medium and light roasts, you cannot get a darker roast than Death Wish. Buckle up for this INTENSE cup of coffee. 

Flavors: Cherry and Chocolate

Roast: Dark

Why it is Popular:

  • Strong: Death Wish is known as bearing the world’s strongest cup of coffee. While I don’t know about any world records, I do know that this coffee is strong. It is an intense black coffee with a rich coffee flavor. It is crafted for people who love black coffee, and the taste of coffee. 
  • Not Just Coffee: Another reason why people love this coffee in particular for their dark roast is because coffee is not the only taste in your cup. This blend also has cherry and chocolate notes! This prevents the coffee from being bitter while still maintaining that strong taste. 

19. Don Francisco Kona Blend

Don Francisco is a brand that we haven’t looked at yet, but it is a delicious (and popular) brand of K-Cups. This blend in particular is a fan favorite. 

Flavors: Floral and fruity

Roast: Medium

Why it is Popular

  • Airy Flavors: The Kona blend is so popular for its floral and fruity notes. This blend is also made with 100% Arabica beans, which contributes to the floral and lighter taste of this coffee. The flavor it creates is very unique, and is one that everyone should try! 
  • Made in the US: If you like supporting local coffee brands, all of Don Francisco’s blends are blended, roasted, and packaged in the US!
  • Sustainable Practices: You can also feel good about drinking this cup of coffee because of its sustainable practices. Don Francisco has been very intentional in creating a greener footprint. 

20. Peets Coffee Decaf House Blend

While we already looked at one of the most popular Peets coffee blends, I had to include a decaf option for our coffee lovers that do not love caffeine. This is one of the most popular decaf K-Cups on the market, and it isn’t hard to see why. 

Flavors: Lively and sweet

Roast: Dark

Why it is Popular:

  • Deliciously Decaf: One of the reasons why people love Peets Coffee is because they create delicious decaf options. Their House Blend in particular has all of the goodness that coffee has to offer, without any of the caffeine. 
  • Dark but Sweet: Another reason why people love this blend is because it is strong and dark, but it isn’t bitter like some dark roasts tend to be. It has a subtle sweetness with every sip that makes this coffee even better.
  • Affordable: Just like I mentioned the last time we looked at Peets Coffee, I love that they are so affordable. While some brands will charge even more for decaf coffee, Peets does not! 

21. Starbucks Dark Roast Variety Pack

Similar to the medium and dark roast Starbucks variety pack that I featured above, this variety pack contains just the dark roasts that were featured in the eight-pack. It is perfect for the dark roast lover in your life. 

Flavors: Variety

Roast: Dark

Why it is Popular

  • Variety: Even though all four blends in this pack are dark roast, each of them tastes very different. This pack includes the French Roast, Italian Roast, Caffè Verona, and Sumatra. These are Starbucks’ most popular dark roasts, and you will want to try all 4 of them!
  • Bold Flavors: Not only are there four different flavors, but all four are bold and rich in their flavors. None of these dark roasts taste bitter or watered down, but instead, they each have their own unique, rich, and delicious flavor. 

22. Vitacup Slim Coffee Pods

Vitacup is unlike any coffee brand that we have featured on this list, and it seemed like a fun way to end! Their revolutionary slim coffee is packed full of benefits! Check them out below! 

Flavors: Smooth and Rich

Roast:  Medium

Why it is Popular: 

  • Healthy Ingredients Galore!: This coffee is jammed packed with healthy ingredients. It contains Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, and B12 which does wonders for your daily recommended dose of vitamins. Plus it has Garcinia cambogia which works hand-in-hand with a healthy diet and fitness routine to assist with appetite support and satiety. Finally, it has Panax ginseng, which is an antioxidant. All of this together means a pretty powerful cup of coffee! 
  • Designed for Fitness: This coffee is also made to drink while you are pursuing a healthy lifestyle. It will help to burn fat from working out, and curb sugary cravings!

Conclusion on best K-cups pods

As you can see, there are many different K-Cups on the market, but the ones listed above are by far the most popular and well-loved. And they are rated so highly for a reason. Their flavors, roast, and aromas are high-quality and taste amazing. I hope you found a K-Cup that is right in your coffee wheelhouse, and maybe even a few new varieties to experiment with! 

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